When to refer:

Before making a referral to Summerhouse for a child it is advisable to work through the following check list:

  • Class Teacher and SENCO are working together to identify and support the SEMH needs of the pupil
  • Pupil is referred to the Educational Psychologist if there is no diagnosis of any condition
  • De-escalation strategies are being consistently used
  • Behaviour policy is being followed
  • Pupil is accessing internal school support e.g. ELSA, 1:1/small group SEMH targeted support, PDC and therapies
  • External support agencies if appropriate e.g. Educational Psychologist, Autism Support Service, Early Help Service
  • Behaviour support plan is in place for the pupil
  • Evidence is being gathered/submitted for EHCNA if appropriate
  • School is keeping Parents/Carers are well informed about pupil’s behaviour challenges and school interventions
  • The pupil is receiving multiple internal and/or external exclusions
  • The pupil is potentially at risk of permanent exclusion

After consideration of this checklist the next step is to contact Summerhouse.

*Occasionally, situations may suddenly escalate, making it impossible to check most items on the list over the anticipated half term; under these circumstances schools should make an immediate referral to allow Summerhouse to intervene. 

A flowchart outlining the referral process can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to refer a pupil to Summerhouse then please complete the form below and return to:  office@summerhouse.southwark.sch.uk