We believe that when we show our children that they matter, they too come to believe it and value themselves more highly. We welcome them warmly and show that we are pleased to see them each day. Every day is a fresh start; a chance to succeed.

We believe that when we show our children how to reflect and work through problems together, they acquire the tools to become objective problem solvers.

We believe that we have an immense impact on our children so we are not careless in how we speak to them and what we say, even when they have done the wrong thing. Trust and respect are essential for progress to be made and are hard things to regain.

We believe that we significantly influence our children’s capacity to improve their behaviour through: fair and equal treatment, adult guidance, a willingness to listen as well as talk rewards and praise for positive behaviour choices and to ensure responsibility is taken for negative choices; setting meaningful achievable goals and applying clear and consistent boundaries.

Our values keep our children feeling safe and valued and well prepared for their next step forward.

We believe this because time and time again, it is proven to be true.