Transition Support Service

This service has been specifically designed for Year 6 children who are about to make that move to secondary school. The transition service aims to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary school runs as smoothly as possible by:

  • Supporting year 6 students in their final year through the delivery of workshops as part of a schools programme
  • Improving the readiness of pupil to start secondary school
  • Increasing confidence of parents to engage with school and other support services
  • Increasing involvement of parents in their child’s learning at home and school
  • Early identification of children/parents with additional need for support to engage with and access support services
  • Supporting new year 7’s for a period of 12 weeks on entry to their secondary school

The service can offer individual support to parents who may not have a clear understanding of the secondary application process and provide advice on suitable school choices for their child.

To access the service schools need to complete a Transition Support Plan outlining the needs of the pupil or the nature of the group and email to: or