Pupil’s social and emotional wellbeing is of the utmost consideration at Summerhouse. Staff at Summerhouse provide pupils with a safe space to be, grow and learn at their pace. We take pride in fostering non-judgemental, accepting, nurturing relationships.

In our day to day practise, we support pupil’s emotional wellbeing by;

  • Encouraging emotional check-in each day on arrival and throughout the day
  • The use of social stories
  • Visual timetables
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Peer massage and positive touch
  • Target/ sticker/ reward charts
  • Weekly assemblies, awarding “golden leaves” and “Star of The Week”
  • Weekly phone calls home to share pupil’s success and positive experiences.

In addition to the behaviour support provided through our day to day practise, some pupils will need additional support for their social and emotional wellbeing. When appropriate, Summerhouse is able to provide pupils with Play/Art Therapy sessions and access to the Pupil Development Centre.