At Summerhouse we encourage our parent,carers and guardians to work in partnership with us and our transport provider to ensure a safe and reliable service. 

Due to the nature of the service we provide at Summerhouse, a set pickup time cannot always be given as the transport routes are continually changing.  Kelly Executive try their very best to keep routes the same but this cannot always be maintained as we support children from across the whole Borough of Southwark.  We kindly ask that you comply with the following:

Morning Pick Up

  • Ensure your child is ready for the vehicle at the pickup point.  This could be anytime between 8:00am and 9:30am.  Over time you will become familiar with the time that the transport usually arrives for your child, please appreciate that transport may be delayed occasionally due to traffic patterns in the Borough or a change to the route.
  • The transport escort will call you twice (this will be a private number call):
    1st  When they are on their way to your pick up point
    2nd When they are outside your pick up point

The escort will not leave the transport to knock your door.

  • Please bring your child to the escort and assist them with the boarding and placement in the vehicle.   The transport will not wait more than 3 minutes after their arrival time, as this causes a delay to the remainder of the route

If your child misses the transport for any reason, it is then you responsibility to bring them to Summerhouse.

Afternoon Drop Off

Please ensure that a responsible adult is present to collect your child from the transport provider at the appointed time.

  • The transport escort will call you when they are on their way to your drop off point (this will be a private number call).
    The escort will not leave the transport to knock your door.

Information Sharing

  • Please keep Kelly Executive and Summerhouse informed with up to date telephone numbers.
  • Advise the driver or escort if there is likely to be a particular difficulty with their child on a specific day.
  • Notify Kelly Executive if your child will not be using the arranged transport for whatever reason, as early as possible.  The telephone number is:  020 7277 7000, the line is open from 7:00am. Similarly, following a period of illness you must advise of the date of return to school.
  • Advise Kelly Executive and Summerhouse (not just the driver or escort) of any changes to normal arrangements as soon as possible and confirm in writing.              

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their child on the school transport and for ensuring that their child is aware of the necessity to behave in a safe and reasonable manner. 

We encourage parents to ensure that their child is aware that failure to behave in a safe and reasonable manner will have consequences and transport may be withdrawn.  

When a pupil has exceptional special educational needs that contribute to their behaviour, Southwark requests that parents/carers work together with them to ensure safe and comfortable travel.