Parenting Groups

We have been running regular parent groups at Summerhouse since 2009.  The programme takes place on Wednesday mornings and lasts for 10 weeks.


We aim to provide an opportunity for parents to discuss their issues and concerns in a non judgmental and friendly environment with people who are often going through similar situations. The structured programme offers parents opportunities to try new behaviour management strategies with their children but also helps them develop approaches that improve their attachment with their children and lead to improvements in wider family life.


Feedback from parents is very positive and all find the groups a rewarding experience. Parents often report that they themselves are much calmer when they are talking to their children and dealing with stressful situations and feel more confident in managing challenging behaviour. Parents often state that there have been very positive changes in their relationships with their children as a result of the programme.


Parents of children attending Summerhouse are prioritized but referrals are also taken from local schools and other agencies. The average group size is about 8 parents. If you are interested in finding out more about the programme please contact Mark Thrush 0208 693 2592


For further information about Parenting Groups at Summerhouse please view our Parenting-Groups-at-Summerhouse document.