Before making a referral to Summerhouse for a child it is advisable to work through the following check list:

  • Sanctions and rewards are in place with all classes doing the same thing
  • De-escalation strategies are being consistently used
  • Behaviour policy is being followed
  • Support agencies in Southwark e.g. Autism Support Service. Early Years contacted if necessary
  • Use of PDC or other internal support for child
  • Behaviour plan for child
  • External involvement e.g. paediatric assessment, educational psychologist, speech and language has been requested
  • Is a statutory assessment needed?

After consideration of this checklist the next step is to contact Summerhouse.

For more information about Summerhouse and our referral procedure please view our Summerhouse Leaflet 2018.

To put forward at child for referral to Summerhouse please complete the below form