About Summerhouse

Our focus at Summerhouse is providing a safe learning environment and engaging curriculum, where pupils can learn the skills and strategies they need to improve their behaviour. In addition to lessons in the Core and some Foundation subjects, pupils at Summerhouse have the opportunity to participate in sessions designed specifically to address their social and emotional needs. These can include;

  • Emotional literacy sessions in the Pupil Development Centre (PDC)
  • Social skills and friendship groups (also in the PDC)
  • Art or Play Therapy sessions
  • Drama sessions
  • Sensory & Physical breaks
  • Peer Massage
  • Taekwondo lessons
  • PE and Games
  • Drumming and Music sessions
  • Assemblies

The pupils experience at Summerhouse is also further enhanced by a range of enrichment activities such as;

  • Trips (both local and in central London)
  • Gardening
  • Cooking and baking
  • Special Guests
  • Thematic days
  • Bikeability