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Quotes and Testimonials

PDC Child Quotes


Southwark PDC has received some fantastic feedback from children, staff members Ofsted and event local Councillors. Here you can see what people have to say about the Southwark PDC Services we offer.


“What I found particularly interesting was the Sunshine Corner more formally known as the Pupil Development Centre. Over the last few years these centres have popped up in most Southwark infant and primary schools and are places for children to develop techniques around emotional intelligence and are given help to practice them. Calmer happier children – apart from being a good thing in itself – turn into calmer and happier adults. It also means with calmer schools better opportunities for all children to experience great teaching. Definitely a leap forward from when I went to school.

Take a look at to see the work these valuable units do.”

Local councillor James Barber


2013 OFSTED report St Peter’s Primary School Walworth Road

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils: Outstanding
“Provision for pupils with particular behavioural needs is exemplary. Parents and carers talk of transformational programmes that have helped their children lead better lives. The pupil development centre provides carefully targeted interventions that support pupils’ social and emotional development as well as improving their academic performance. The school works extremely well with outside agencies to ensure its pupils get the best possible care.”


OFSTED report St Francesca Cabrini Primary School June 2013
“The Butterfly Room, where pupils who find it difficult to manage their behaviour in class are supported, is a good initiative that is helping reduce exclusions further”


Emotional Intelligence in Schools – Fantastic presentation, has given PDC people much more of an insight into the way the brain works and why (feedback from other PDC people during discussions at lunch). 


Margot is very inspiring. It has been a very informative day and has forced me to critically reflect on how I do what I do with the children. I will go away and try to read what every parent needs to know & Therapeutic Storytelling 


It was good to be with so many like-minded colleagues and to receive fresh inspiration, particularly from Margot, for why we do what we do. For me it was reassuring to find out we are doing more in our Rainbow Room (no longer a PDC) than many are doing in their ‘real’ PDC’s. Ian’s call for a need for greater commonality makes a lot of sense.


Excellent – which the whole staff were here to hear all that was said.


Very informative. OFSTED-evaluation very useful tool to check implementation for OFSTED.
Would like to be kept up to date regarding training etc.


Excellent content, feel refreshed and motivated and will do my best to ‘Raise Our Game.’enjoyed all speakers, very inspiring!


Dr Margot Sunderland – amazing presentation and so much food for thought. Can’t wait t read your book. So much useful information to take back to my school. 


This was an exceptionally well organised, inspiring and effective conference, thank you so much. The content, especially Margot Sunderland’s input, was stimulating, inspiring. The Self Evaluation form was useful but would need a lot more time to work on and refine. 


Informative. Serious issues dealt with in an east-to-understand way. Margot was amazing. Well done Joel and Khadija for arranging the conference. Dealt with concerns I’ve had re evaluation of PDC groups. 


As an outside practitioner working alongside a PDC it has become apparent that lots of PDCs have different methods, goals and focuses. This is positive reaction to their schools but it must be hard to support that across the board.


Key note speech was extremely eye opening for my own practice. Thank you.


I have found the day to be very informative . I really enjoyed the presentation n Emotional Intelligence in school and the workshop on Therapeutic Storytelling.


the OFSTED report should be sent to all schools so that schools can see the importance of PDC.


“Behaviour in our primary schools is a strength and is well supported by our pupil development centre programme which has contributed significantly to the fact that there have been no permanent exclusions from local primary schools for the past 2 years”

Southwark’s SEF – August 2011